Life Hacks for Saving Money

Andy Forsberg
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
  1. Use when starting trials and make the allocated amount less than the cost of the subscription's first charge
  2. Use the Honey Chrome Extension to automatically find/test promo codes while you're shopping, as well as find the cheapest price for items on Amazon
  3. Use an app to keep a pulse on where your money is going such as Rocket Money
  4. If you have credit card debt try Tally or Upstart - obviously avoid getting credit card debt in the first place if at all possible
  5. Shop at Costco
  6. Fill up on gas at Costco
  7. Earn miles to use for flights
  8. Use credit cards that offer cashback like Double Cash from Citi and always pay them off in full immediately
  9. Find the best products based on well-researched reviews on WireCutter so you don't waste money on inferior and ultimately disappointing products
  10. Minimize subscriptions
  11. Get a bank account with a high-interest savings account
  12. Create an account on Credit Karma and track your credit score / keep it as high as possible
  13. Cut the cable and stream all your media
  14. Avoid going out for food whenever possible
  15. Use automatic transfers to auto-save your money without having to think about it
  16. Use Facebook Marketplace to buy used items you don't need to be new
  17. Fix whenever you can rather than replacing
  18. Use a toner printer instead of an ink printer
  19. Switch to LEDs
  20. Eat food before it expires
  21. Don't buy anything you put in your shopping cart immediately. Add it to your cart and then decide if you still want to buy it 24 hours later
  22. Promptly return products you're not satisfied with
  23. Sell stuff you don't need anymore
  24. Avoid going to the doctor, use services like MinuteClinic or Virtuwell instead for the more commonplace illnesses
  25. Use GIMP or Canva instead of Adobe Creative Cloud
  26. Hit your minimum visits / month at the gym to save on your membership through your health insurance provider
  27. Take advantage of loyalty rewards plans as much as possible
  28. Make sure you use all your gift card balances up
  29. Buy the low-storage Mac product options
  30. Don't bother upgrading your smartphone every year and buy new phones with cash
  31. Add products / media you want to buy to your wishlist and wait for a discount offer to act on the purchase
  32. Use coupons
  33. Use brand-specific credit cards that offer 5% off all purchases, just make sure to pay them off immediately (e.g. Amazon, Target, etc.)
  34. Pay in cash instead whenever you can to avoid unnecessary credit card fee surcharges
  35. When there are no additional fees for using a credit card for a recurring purchase vs a debit card, always use a credit card that offers cashback benefits like Double Cash from Citi and always pay them off in full immediately
  36. Always pay down loans with the highest interest rates first
  37. Enable notifications on your credit card apps whenever a purchase is made to monitor them real-time
  38. Use ChatGPT to help you navigate minor legal issues, only hire a lawyer if it's a critical scenario
  39. Always go in-network for healthcare whenever practical
  40. Use an HSA for all your medical bills when possible
  41. While not as practical as it used to be, spend in cash when you can instead of credit. Physically handing the cash to someone will make you comprehend how much you're actually spending significantly more so than signing a credit card charge receipt and you won't be creating more debt
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